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The Banco Cooperativo Español, established in 1990, is a financial group whose aim is to provide the services of a central bank to partner cooperative banks. From this principle, considering the unique characteristics of business conducted and the different needs of customers, the structure adopted reflects a principle of segmentation, simplifying the conduct of business while increasing the quality of services and improving cost efficiency. As the traditional banking activity of the group's main shareholders Banks, Banco Cooperativo Español has set as its main objective to contribute to these banks to achieve a significant market position and benefit from synergies and competitive advantages from its association.To achieve this purpose, the body is segmented into various specialized areas, responsible for responding efficiently to shareholders and customers.

Area Personal Banking provides financial services to individuals and businesses with the basic objective of meeting their needs through a comprehensive offering of products and services, with the ability to recruit and operate from the various channels set up for this purpose (offices, banking Internet, telephone, mobile, ATM, etc.).. Thus, as these financial products and services the focus of our cooperative banks relationship with its customers, the Bank has focused the activities of its various units responsible for Private Banking in the development, promotion and enhancement of the same, for achieve an increase in volume and profitability of the first and the Banco Cooperativo Español itself, in its two offices operating in Madrid.

Area Business Banking to provide services to more than 300,000 companies and institutions active the Bank has two basic lines of action, the business support, signing contracts with customers individually or jointly with the cooperative banks, and parallel as an advisor or advocate the development of new products, commercial or any alternative actions to improve the marketing skills in this customer segment.


The private banking that has two lines of business:

Private banking business of its own: Since this area serves and caters to private banking customers of the Bank, as well as attracting new customers. Private Banking business in the cooperative banks, whose main objective is to support the banks, following 4 lines:

  • Support the creation of private banking, cooperative banks have not yet developed this area.
  • Support for the consolidation and development in the cooperative banks have already established that area.
  • Training courses for people specialized in Private Banking. Training networks of offices of cooperative banks.
  • Support for visits to customers and prospects of the cooperative banks with the consequent development of investment proposals from a financial standpoint, fiscal.


The Department of Treasury and Capital Markets:

The special features of the Bank as a provider of wholesale services make the area of Monetary and Foreign Exchange Markets, whatever it generates higher volumes and this is where the Bank's presence is more noticeable. The Capital Markets division, is responsible for designing, structuring and placement of fixed-income operations, and domestic and international equities, IPO and privatization, domestic and international syndicated loans, and balance operations active / passive cooperative banks.


International Area:

Facilitates access of the cooperative banks and the Bank itself to the international payment systems and partnerships and services that allow access to the global economy. From the International Division provides sales and technical support so that institutions with a very local level, are able to move effectively and comfortably in the industry by providing its customers with banking products and services that enable them to expedite international movements funds, ensuring the successful completion of the transactions and mitigate the risks inherent in foreign trade, all through the provision of the necessary experience and mastery of the rules and international practice. We are in a business whose competitiveness is based on fast and secure processing of transactions and the ability to provide advice which entails the provision of value added, making each customer feel safe and advised by his institution.

The Banco Cooperativo Español contribution to the cooperative banks is based on:

  1. Support the creation of defined business model of the cooperative banks.
  2. Promotion, monitoring and consolidation of international business.
  3. Design training programs for specialists in foreign trade and commercial network.
  4. Support for visits to customer acquisition and retention.


The Human Resources Department:

The Human Resources Department carries out its work with two distinct foci: Administer and manage the staff of the Bank, maintaining a professional political and avant-garde in terms of processes, tools and management systems and people management. Supporting the cooperative banks of the Group on Human Resources (tools, projects and processes), trying to promote a special training in the global and personal training tool and a means to share experiences and best practices among all participants of the different Group entities.

The Department of Organization: The maturity reached by the department in recent years has enabled a quantum leap in the project approach, towards the search for ways to reduce costs and continuously improving the efficiency of processes and systems, all without leaving the usual functions of regulatory compliance and support to cooperative banks in their daily activities.


The Department of Legal and Tax:

The activity of the Legal and Tax consists of two aspects regarding the direct recipient of these services. On the one hand, his advice and assistance to the activity of the Bank and its subsidiaries, working with various departments in the products and services provided, and secondly cooperative banks specifically for shareholders.